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Information about transfers

Choose and book a transfer, please, if you have any questions, we will be happy to find a taxi for you. We will make sure that your holiday begins with positive emotions.

Having planned a business or private trip to Bulgaria, you should take care of moving from the airport to the final destination in advance. Tourists and guests of the country have long time to appreciate the possibility of self-booking transfers, with which you can easily find a comfortable vehicle that fully meets the needs of the traveler.

The advantages of a transfer from the airport of Burgas and Varna

Transfer (Burgas Airport, Varna or Sofia) is a service for the delivery of a passenger on a previously agreed route on a pre-approved car. A successful solution for those who prefer to quickly and safely get to the right place, without wasting their nerves and time for a trip on the bus or tedious taxi searches.

The company Onlineitaxi provides quality and inexpensive services for passenger transportation anywhere in Bulgaria and offers to evaluate all the benefits of car booking online:

  • drivers speak fluent bulgarian and english languages, are always extremely polite and polite, and during the trip they act with pleasure as a guide and talk interestingly about the sights and traditions of Bulgaria, if necessary, they can give useful practical advice;
  • the company has its own vehicle fleet and is ready to offer customers any type of car – it can be a car, minivan or bus of different capacity and brand, with or without symbols;
  • the representative of the company keeps track of the schedule at the airport, and upon the arrival of the aircraft, even if the flight is late, meets the customer with a sign in the hands in the waiting room, helps to transfer and load the luggage into the car;
  • the payment for services is made in euros or in bulgarian currency directly to the driver.

Passengers traveling with children can order a children’s car seat of the required group – just fill out a special form when booking a car. The driver will prepare the chair before the trip and securely reinforce it in the car.

Making an application on the site, it is worth to carefully study the suggestions and choose the right vehicle. For example, if you plan to transport oversized or non-standard baggage, this should be indicated in a separate box, and for the transfer of Varna airport the company will provide the most suitable car.


Looking for a taxi in Bulgaria with a Russian speaking driver?

Hello! The company welcomes you and offers inexpensive transfer services from airports and train stations in the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as Turkey (Istanbul), Romania (Bucharest, Constanta). All our cars, minivans and minibuses are in good technical condition, and drivers have a lot of experience of trouble-free operation and perfectly speak Russian. We constantly improve the quality of our service, monitor all flights, delays in flights, trains and buses to ensure you timeliness of arrival at your destination. Our company has expanded its range of activities and now we offer rental of own cars (rent-a-car). Free Internet (Wi-Fi) in all cars on the territory of Bulgaria.

Low prices, traffic safety, comfort and reliability are our main priorities.

About transfers

Going on a trip, in addition to air tickets and hotel, you also need to take care of how to get from the airport to the hotel in an unfamiliar country. Take a taxi on the spot or find a bus? Perhaps, but there is a great risk of overpaying seriously, not finding the right route or even staying without a transfer.

Everything is much easier if you book a transfer in advance. Onlineitaxi perfectly solves this issue. Choose a route, class of the car, specify contacts and make a prepayment. At the specified time, the driver will meet you and take you comfortably to your destination.

Individual taxi also has a number of important advantages over group transfer as part of the tour.

You do not have to wait hours for other tourists at the airport. Do not have to ride a bus until he takes all the tourists to the hotels. Often it takes several hours of tedious waiting. Ordering an individual transfer, you immediately go to the hotel to rest after the road.

Individual transfer is obviously much more comfortable than a bus. Especially if you are traveling with children or a large company. However, it will not be much more expensive, as it is paid for the car regardless of the number of passengers.

Our cars

In our park there are 3 classes of cars: from a budgetary economy to minibuses for 8 passengers.

If you are traveling with children, you can order a child seat of the right group, the driver will definitely install it before the trip.

Transport and personnel:

  • Our fleet consists of comfortable cars, minivans and buses of reliable Western brands of various capacities, with taxi symbols and without such symbolics, we provide free Internet. Unnecessarily all those arriving in a foreign country need to inform their relatives and friends about a safe arrival and meeting at the airport or station.
  • All our drivers are experienced, accurate, polite, perfectly speak Russian and in Bulgarian. Want to – support the conversation, tell local news, answer household questions and give advice on local attractions, security, shopping, entertainment, prices, etc.

Need an inexpensive transfer from the airport in Bulgaria, 10% discount for a return transfer? Please!

How to order a comfortable car for transfer from Bulgarian airports? Can we make an order via the Internet, so that we are served a car at a certain time and place? How low are your prices for transfers in Bulgaria and are there any discounts? How is the meeting at the airport and how do we find out our driver or car? Do your drivers speak Russian? Can I pay cash to the driver? How and when will you pick us up from the hotel for a return trip by taxi to the airport?

This is only a small part of the questions asked by those wishing to use the services of the Transfer in Bulgaria. After all, vacation in resorts and business trips to this sunny fraternal republic has traditionally caused great interest among Russian-speaking tourists. Therefore, the theme of travel from the airport to the hotel or apartment is relevant for all visitors to the country. We will answer all these questions on the website, in a letter, via Skype or by phone.

Short list of our services:

  • We will meet you at the airport in Varna, Burgas, as well as in Sofia and Plovdiv airports.
  • Meet you at Istanbul airport (if you are traveling to Bulgaria via Turkey).
  • We will meet you at the airport in Bucharest (if you are traveling to Bulgaria via Romania).
  • We will meet you at the railway station in the city of Ruse (if you are traveling to Bulgaria by train).
  • We will drive your car, motorcycle or boat to Bulgaria from the CIS countries and Europe.
  • We will provide you with a car or a luxury minibus with or without a driver.
  • We offer you some interesting car tours and car tours.
  • We will help you in placing and booking rooms in hotels and apartments.

Additional free services:

  • 24 hours a day we accept orders for transfers in any convenient way for you.
  • We constantly monitor the delays of flights and trains to meet you on time.
  • We will meet you with a nameplate right at the exit from the airport arrival area.
  • We will help you in carrying your hand luggage to the car and the hotel or apartment.
  • We will provide you with child car seats (by prior request).

*We will always give you a discount when ordering a transfer in both directions („round-trip“).

*Never take an extra charge from you for waiting in case of a delay in the flight.

See you in Bulgaria!

Rent a car in Bulgaria

The company „Onlinetaxi“ offers to pre-book the car you need without leaving your own apartment.

Frequently asked Questions

Yes, our drivers speak Russian and English.

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To book a transfer, please use the simple convenient and secure online booking form on our onlinetaxibg.com website. In this way you will book a transfer in just a few minutes, and we will receive all the necessary information for the transfer organization. The order can also be executed by phone or by e-mail. We recommend that you book at least 24 hours before the transfer service is provided. If you decide to book a transfer less than 24 hours before the trip, please contact us at the telephone number indicated on our website in order to clarify the possibility of providing the service.

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The driver will meet you with a sign on which your name will be indicated. At the airport, he will wait at the exit from the arrival zone, at the station – at the platform of the arrival of the train. If departure is planned from the hotel or private house, the driver will wait for you in the hotel lobby or in front of the main entrance to the building. If you have not met with the driver at the right time, be sure to contact us by phone and we will help you

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You should pay attention to the maximum possible number of passengers and standard luggage. These data you will find on the site when choosing a vehicle. If you plan to carry extra or non-standard luggage (for example, golf bags, bicycles or other oversized items), be sure to indicate this in the booking form in the „Additional information“ box. We will take this into account and, if necessary, we will offer you other types of vehicles.

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After placing an order, you will receive a booking confirmation to the post office, which will include the order number and all trip data. This letter means that the transfer is booked, and at the appointed time the driver will be waiting for you. Please make sure the information is correct. In case you notice an error, or do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours after the completion of the booking, please let us know by e-mail.

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You can cancel an order at any time before the date of the transfer, by sending a cancellation request in writing by e-mail to office@onlinetaxi.bg.

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Depending on the chosen route and vehicle type, the following payment options are possible:

Full payment for transfer services in cash to the driver on the day of service execution.

You can pay in euros or in local currency at the official exchange rate. We recommend that you prepare the exact amount in advance.

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As a rule, each passenger can carry with him one suitcase or bag of a standard size and one piece of manual, the size of no more than allowed by the airlines. If you plan to carry extra or non-standard luggage (for example, golf bags, bicycles or other oversized items), be sure to indicate this in the booking form in the „Additional information“ box. We will take this into account and, if necessary, we will offer you other types of vehicles. If there is a need to replace the car with a larger one, an additional fee will be charged for this.

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We always keep track of the arrival schedule of aircraft and trains, so the car will be served by the actual time of your arrival. If your flight is delayed for several hours and, especially if the flight number changes, please find an opportunity to inform us about it.

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If you fill in the search boxes „From“ and „Where“, you did not find the required route, send us the application by e-mail indicated on the site. Our managers will pick up the transfer and send all the necessary information to your e-mail.

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Tipping is not included in the cost of the transfer and depends solely on your subjective assessment. According to the general practice, if you liked the trip, your driver was friendly and polite, then a small reward is the norm.

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Yes, on request we provide baby car seats at no extra cost. You can order them only in advance when booking a transfer by filling in the appropriate forms on the site.

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We recommend that you book at least 24 hours before the transfer service is provided. If you decide to book a transfer less than 24 hours before the trip, please contact us at the telephone number indicated on our website in order to clarify the possibility of providing the service.

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The prices on the site are indicated for the vehicle.

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As soon as possible, let us know about this circumstance by phone on our website. We will make adjustments to the order and meet you at the right time.

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